Thursday, 31 May 2007

Draw your gig

Steve has telling me I am rubbish at updating this website.
So I am posting what I drew yesterday...

A great Gig that we booked.
Wild Beasts are Dominos hot new signing.
Ebony Bones are amazing Soca Eletro Rock
Kania Teiffer and 4treck are experimental electro crazy heads from across the pond.
Mariachi rock like sleazy gods fingering all of us.
Adam Morley is king of the dobro.
The Vigours make you march

Friday, 4 May 2007

Draw Lou Carpenter and some Goats

Rachel Wilson asks: Please may you draw a picture for my best friend’s birthday? His name is Bender and it would be most excellent if the picture could involve goats with glasses on, Lou Carpenter from Neighbours and Woody from Toy Story perhaps walking along the yellow brick road. Ohh is that too much detail? Anything with goats would be the main thing. I think this would be the best birthday present ever!

Well Rachel asked that way back in January so I think the birthday bit is a bit late.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Robots in Disguise

Update: Matt asked me if he could buy the picture so I inked it properly. Like a silly sod I never sold it to him but here is the updated version - or as much as I can get on the scanner - also Matt if you still want it get back in touch lost your details.

Matt Squirrell asked: Hello - could you draw me beating up a Transformer robot please? I'm a big fat guy with short hair and a goatee beard.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Draw a hot chick on a cruiser bike

Randy Fordice asks:A pretty girl riding a beach cruiser style bicycle?

Yknow what about about drawing it twice. Did it once - ... then thought - no the subject of pretty girls on bikes needs a bit more invested. Trust you like.

Draw Nerd Moment

Doktored (yes me) asks: Draw Nerd Moment from the Dawn & Drew Show

Ok then... with a young Drew Domkis at the controls - he knew he was ready for Thermonuclear war.

Somebody asks:

Somebody (lost email) asks: Please draw what you have been doing for the last two months?

Ok scrappy scrappy pix

Tracking innit