Saturday, 27 September 2008

Draw Me

Swappers: Draw me! Draw me! Draw me! go on.......draw me.

ok I will draw you from that tiny little picture. Nice blue guitar, I have been looking for a cheap blue box... To no avail.

Friday, 26 September 2008

draw a dragon dressed as a car

Confuzzled Shannon said: Would you draw a dragon deciding what to be for halloween?

He decided on going as a pink cadillac. But couldn't find a cadillac costume so went for a purple mustang gt.

Draw a Church

Sophie asks: Draw a Church

A kooky little church.

Draw you drawing you

weixun said: Draw a picture of yourself drawing a picture of yourself drawing a picture of yourself! :)

Ok quick one of this. I draw myself way too much. Time to draw someone else.

Draw Gin and Jews

Dave says: Draw Gin and Jews

Wahay everybody get pissed and fall down. Party time at Kutshters.

Tracking innit