Sunday, 27 April 2008

Draw a Tomas and his Hippies

Tomas asks: So I was wondering, please could you draw me standing in front of a massive group of hippies.

Draw someones odd dream

Lisa, Catfish, Belle and Vanessa ask: How about drawing a giraffe in a fez talking greek on the phone with his boyfriend, while eating grapes with chopsticks? (can you make sure we can see the boyfriend?)

I think they met on gumtree. Ozzies coming over here taking our Giraffe's

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Draw a Cthulhu Cultie

José asks: Could you please draw my girlfriend wearing druidic clothes and sacrifying > me to Cuthulhu in an irish forest, while she smyling says: ¡Ireland Rocks! Thank you very much, nice web :-)

Lord I hope I don't wake up with a supporter of the old ones. Although if it had to be any old one cultie, Yog Soggoth (Aka the The Lurker at the Threshold) was always my favourite.

Can you draw Teen Wolf and Mr T

Tom asks: Please can you draw a picture of Teenwolf surfing on top of the A-Team van with B.A. driving while something explodes in the background?

The easiest way to cheer up the morning commute.

Draw the Queen

Jeannie says: Draw The Queen of England.

... Ok Jeannie doesn't exist, nobody asked me to draw the queen and this picture wasn't supposed to be a picture of the queen at all. Just was trying to think of a reason to put it on the blog.

Draw some birds

anon commented: I dont know if its possible but i would like for you to draw an extremely ugly penguin with a duck sneaking up on him to take revenge.......(possibly some nice background scenary, no bathrooms or small spaces!!!)Thanks

What did she/he do in the first place?

Friday, 25 April 2008

Draw a wierd King

I am trying to find the post or email as I did this one ages ago: Draw a King holding up a severed head with a bunch of mice saying 'All Hail the King'.

If this is you please get back in touch so I can credit you. Of Mice and men eh?

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Draw some soft focus ladies

Dafoot asks: Draw some Lord Lichfield type ladies.

I kind of copied a photo from some book somebody gave me yonks ago, somehow I manage to make an 1980's soft focus study of the female form into a scrawny paris hilton style drug addict/killer robot on the phone. Can't win them all I suppose.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Draw an Angry Teacher

Or version 2

Peter asks: could you please draw an infuriated teacher who is about to throw an atomic bomb at a grinning student? The teacher should be small, corpulent, and bald.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Draw another Sexy Pirate

Meredith asks: I just saw your "sexy pirate" drawing- posted in January- and it I LOVE it! She is sexy indeed! I live on the beach in NC, and love pirates, but there is a serious shortage of sexy ones. Can you draw me another sexy pirate, but one that I could display in my classroom (I'm a high school teacher)? This would mean no gun, and maybe a mini-skirt instead of the panties. I want it to be sexy, but I'm afraid it can't be too scandalous. As I said, I'm a high school teacher and coach; our mascot is a pirate, but all the images we use are of ugly, burly, tired male pirates. I want a HOT, girly pirate! (Only if you fancy drawing it of course). AAaaargh!

Well Meredith only asked me a year ago. Guess a year is a lot slower when you are a oldish git. But the new felt tip pens look nice don't they. That reminds me someone else wanted a pirate and cheerleader picture. What am I ? A pirate factory

Draw a Full Time Camper

Butterflug asked: No doubt I will be too late for a request but how about drawing me a full-time camper!

Well here is a Camper

Draw Slipknot

Hugh asks: Draw a new mask for Slipknot

Tracking innit