Friday, 26 January 2007

Draw Me chopping my own head off because of katie price

Hayley asks: Me cutting my own head off with a rusty bread knife because I have been forced to listen to Katie Price and Peter Andre's album?

Oops forgot the rusty breadknife... swapped it for a guillotine.

Draw a spiked jedi

Michael says: Draw when Jedis get spiked.

Never trust those barfly droids...

Monday, 22 January 2007

Draw a Horse

Somebody (I can't find the email) asked for: Can you please draw a depressed horse playing a pirate memory game.

Friday, 19 January 2007

Draw Sat-Hen

The Queen who is Glittering asks: Please draw me a hen. Not just any old hen but Sat-hen, (Satan, geddit? :D ) the evil ruler of the killer chickens!

Here come the bastards! Here they come.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Draw a clown and a Irish lady.

Redbeast says: Please can you draw for me a picture of a clown being punched while an Irish lady sings loudly?

Draw a goth girl

Tom asks: Can you draw a goth girl who likes photography a bit too much?

Too much to help the poor kid.

Draw Cheese

Garfoot asks: Please could you draw me a piece of cheese taking a ticket from a machine in a deli. Its not happy though because it hates to wait.

I don't find deli's are as busy as they used to be.

Draw our gang

Mark @ UUJCC says: Hi there, we are trying to come up with a picture that can be used on a t-shirt to shamelessly represent our club (not for profit or anything).

We are a canoe club that like the social side of things as well as our boats and the water, drinky, drinky.

We did think of a few slogans to go on our t-shirt but the suggestions for pictures were a bit pants and few and far between.

These are the top suggestions we came up with.
"Aquaholics Anoyomous"...

Went for the top one.

Draw Black Metal Morris Dancers

Ben asks: Would you please draw a Black Metal Morris Dancer?

Yes.... With heads that don't fit their bodies as well

Wednesday, 17 January 2007


So I haven't had a chance to post any images for a few days. This will all change tonight as I catchup. Have an inbox full of so many suggestions, I thought maybe I could list them here and you get to vote what goes next. All bit 1998. But that is the way we like I don't want to live forever...

And don't forget the Joker.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Draw Sean my boyfriend

Michele says: Oh go on, please draw me a picture of what you think Troublmaker Sean looks like from your creative mind's eye. I am his girlfriend not some weirdo who wants to upset him.

Erm maybe I am the weirdo after picturing Sean as a pint sized Marquee de Sade... But with more smiles and animals and potions.

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Draw a conclusion

Monkeygadge asks: Draw a conclusion.

Well this is a bit dark... It was inspired by the very odd hip hop artists Reh Dogg and his video 'why I cry'

Friday, 12 January 2007

Draw a sexy Pirate

Steve asks: Can you draw a sexy pirate please.

Does this work?

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Draw Buzz

Emma asks: can you draw me a lovely picture of King Buzzo, the lovely singer from the Melvins with the lovely grey hair?

No problem. Here is is... Our DJ outfit played at ATP coincidentally. Also playing at the Boogaloo on the 26th, Howdy Do at the Boogaloo on the 13th and the Cedar Rooms on the 12th. We won't be drawing anything.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Draw Putin ... and a bunch of other stuff

Oh I think this might have been also from that sean troublemaker: Can you also draw Vladimir Putin riding through the Arc de Triomphe in a chariot pulled by a pack of angry (European) badgers? Also, he’s waving a top hat in one hand and saying “fuck this shit”, but he’s singing it so there are musical notes in the speech bubble if you know what I mean… I swear this actually happened, but it didn’t get much media coverage.

This one was better. Although I should do someone elses suggestions now... Buzzzzzzzz

P.S you can make the pix bigger by clicking on them

Draw Martin L. Gore

Sean asks: Using the medium of pens, could you knock together a roller-skating monkey being cheered on by Depeche Mode's Martin L. Gore (Circa 1990)?

humph have I even got the right guy from Depeche Mode, what was wrong with the singer? Also... I picked an Ape didn't I. A right shambles.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Draw a woman in a clam

Dav said: Can you draw a naked/scantily clad woman sitting on a giant clam drinking juice? It would be best if this were all on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Maybe a dolphin brought her the juice.

Ok got to the end and forgot the Juice. She dropped it in the water and is looking about for it.

Draw a robot bird

Mike says: Giant robot bird of prey, flying through Summerfield - formerly KWIKSAVE(RIP)

Sorted. I want one, that and an iphone.

Monday, 8 January 2007

Draw a Turkey

Kathryn asks:Can you draw a Turkey going cold turkey in rehab with his pet tomato loyaly standing by

No problem, maybe should of been a bit skinnier. Yknow. But then what is in Cold Turkey from? Not smoking that is for sure.... Maybe Christmas

Draw the Universe

Man of Peck says: I would like to see a picture of the universe please.
I know its a bit big, you can scale it down if you need.

The Universe is simple the sweety counter in the local corner shop. If Hawkings was walking he would say the same thing.

Draw a Toad

Chris asks: Can you please draw me a toad, a toad that is running very fast

I like animals. Toad running fast... Kind of buggered up the ability to put a locomotive in there with the speed lines. Maybe next time.

draw some tv stars


Been busy today, just noticed the forty odd requests in my inbox. Don't worry will get through them all. But might be slow for the start of the week.

Saturday, 6 January 2007

Draw ME

Chris asks can you draw: Me… chris cox contemporary mind reader?

Ok, looks like a spritely chap.
Ouch I have tummy ache.

Draw Dickon Edward, Draw a Robot

Donny asks: Please could you draw a picture of Dickon Edwards?

Anna asks: Please would you draw a robot wearing a feather boa and a hat with wax fruit on it?

Decided to combine the modern day dandy that drinks in the local and the robot dolled up for a nice cabaret show. Don't they look cute together.

Friday, 5 January 2007

Draw a Dead Horsey

Baldmonkey says: Please could you draw for me a horse in the New Forest that is dead and has had some of it's stomach eaten by something already and it's going a bit rotten and I am in it and I am 6 and it is 1983 and I have found it and I am more pleased and amused than scared.It would be great as it would remind me of a super holiday I once had.

Draw Sasquatch

Sam says: Draw a sasquatch, or better yet batman vs sasquatch.

Ok The requests have come in thick and thin today. Might have to publish a bunch today.

Can you draw Gypsies?

Rob says: Please can you draw some gypsies cooking a hedgehog.

Old Gypsies or new Gypsies I pondered. Here you go

Draw ME

Zoe says: ME with giant feet trying to dance but treading on people, or a duck with a tiny head who is being bullied, or erm...draw me with my new comp HA!:-)

Ok all of them.

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Draw your girlfriend

Nichola asks: Draw a bunch of flowers being rocketed into space by your girlfriend with a bee in her bonnet and scouling.

Well I don't think I got the scoul right.

Draw a Carrot!

Carina asks: can you draw a carrot with a face and tummy ache?

Ahhh I like these ones.

Draw 45

Dan says: 45,
Dokored say: What as in a gun?
Dan says: Yes
Dan says: Curtains
Doktored says: What and Curtains?
Dan says: No

Monday, 1 January 2007

Draw Charlie Bronson

Mush asks: Draw a Charles Bronson Beauty Pagent.

Ok... a little tricky, easily solved by putting in the drawing 'Charles Bronson Beauty Pagent'. Enjoy

Tracking innit