Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Draw anything or a leek

Weed killer said: Could you please draw....anything, I don't care, just surprise me, because I can't think of anything particular.

Sorry to be a bit churlish about your very generous offer to draw anything. BUT WHY DID YOU BOTHER? If there is one thing I hate a) Trying on Jeans under halogen lighting b) People who don't have capacity to make very simple decisions. Here my week willed reader is a leek for you.

Draw Arkhen Asylum

Joe Boo said: Could you please draw a hen in an asylum?

b.s. could I use this picture

I swear it is p.s. B.S is something completely different. Can't resist another pun (in case you don't know Arkham Aslym is where they lock up Batmans bad guys.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Draw a modern Head Hunt

Makinjosh said: Could u draw a picture of a head hunt set in a modern backdrop?

Don't Head Hunts go on a daily basis in a modern society, for hooty falooty hi flying jobs for people who want a career and get their assistant to reply to emails because they are way too important.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Draw a Suicide Bummer

Mehdi asks: Of course I have a picture request: please can you draw a gay terrorist?

This was trickier then it sounded. I mean was the terrorist intent to be a gay intent? Or of Terrorist intent. Gay intent doesn't sound particularly terrifying unless you happen to be a homophobe but then one is probably gay anyway. So it opened a whole can of worms. So I decided to settle on a simple rubbish pun: Suicide Bummer.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Draw the Super Being

Marie asks: Draw a super being, half made for good, half for evil

One half Superpowered LollyPop Lady with comfortable granny like bosum, One Half killer stabby killy microwave robot.

Draw Har Mar Superstar

Sharon asks: Can you draw me Har Mar Superstar at home, practising his moves in his bedroom?

Of course, this is what he seems to wear on stage, so not quite a stretch of the imagination. Although I never knew Olive Oil taught him how to dance until now

Monday, 7 July 2008

Draw a Pasty

The Twins ask: Draw a Cornish Pasty.

They doubted my Pasty prowess... I am Jaguar Paw! King of Pasty.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Draw the wheelie bin monster

Jon says: If I were to tell you to draw something, how about...

...the creature living in next door's wheelie bin
(I've not seen it... but I have heard it... and it scares me... a little... but not so much I don't go out...)

I would be scared, be careful of going out. When it sets its sites better call Martha and the Vandella's.

Tracking innit