Thursday, 1 November 2007

Draw some random lady

SG asks: Hello, my best friends birthday is coming up, and i wanted her to have something special, do you think you can draw a picture of her?...,she's tan,she has just a few inches under shoulder length blonde hair short enough so that it curls back on the end...she's got one of those million dollar smiles ya know? she has a smallish straight nose, green hazel eyes( they change to hazel brown, blue, grey ect. according to her outfit. isn't that cool?) she's got a few freckles around her nose, skinny eyebrows with a small freckle right after the end of her left eyebrow...small thin lips and a single roundish chin. Do you think you could draw a pretty good picture of her? if you can thank you! if you don't i understand. could you send me a link to the drawing? thank you so much!

I think you might lurve her SG.

p.s. save the cheerleader

Draw a pirate werewolf

TJ asks: Draw a pirate werewolf - i need one for my film.

Look here is his/her film. How cool is that? aahh sweet AD&D days. Personally i had a fighter come priest... things didn't go to well ended up blind undead and covered in sores and alleged to an opportunist evil god.

Tracking innit