Tuesday, 19 December 2006

What should I draw?

recently in All Tomorrows Parties quiz round I remembered I could draw. The Music Quiz asked us to sketch out alternatives to the Album covers of Houses of the Holy, Kings of the Wild Frontier and The Queen is Dead.

Cue some frantic bloody drawing... Oh yeah I trained at this sh!t for years. I can turn over pictures in seconds. Que another bloody blog in the world.

So as Ice Cube accompanies a wintery night,
In true Dada style I am going to state my manifesto.

I Should Draw More Manifesto

1)To draw a picture everyday.
2)The image is to be Picked by the first person to email what they want to see
3)I have the right to refuse images that I don't fancy drawing (Cerebus for instance)

That is it... Lets tart this page up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Please draw Martha Stewart letting out a fart so bad she knocks a buzzard off a shitwagon.

Anonymous said...

please draw my dirty squat with a girl having a wash in the kitchen. Cheers

Becky said...

Please could you draw a bag of burps? I am curious as to the boundaries of your imagination.

Tracking innit