Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Draw Putin ... and a bunch of other stuff

Oh I think this might have been also from that sean troublemaker: Can you also draw Vladimir Putin riding through the Arc de Triomphe in a chariot pulled by a pack of angry (European) badgers? Also, he’s waving a top hat in one hand and saying “fuck this shit”, but he’s singing it so there are musical notes in the speech bubble if you know what I mean… I swear this actually happened, but it didn’t get much media coverage.

This one was better. Although I should do someone elses suggestions now... Buzzzzzzzz

P.S you can make the pix bigger by clicking on them


Sean said...

I can't take the blame for this suggestion, alas.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it was me. Much appreciated though.

doktored said...

No problem. I forgot the tophat.

Anonymous said...


I love your badgers!

Tracking innit