Sunday, 11 February 2007

Draw a bunch of stuff

James and Miles ask: Please can you draw chips falling from the sky onto a Norton motorbike riding on the crest of a huge tsunami wave towards Mars.

No problem.


Miles Ascough said...

cool thanks! how did you do the black background, I like the fish with headphones!

Karl said...

Are we supposed to put requests in these comment boxes? Because I don't see any other place to comment, or an email address.

I want to see half a dozen monkeys running down a medieval street carrying stolen cheese wheels and pursued by hobbits. Or dwarves. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ok no problem.
Did have my email up there... But now I decided that it is better it goes in the comment box, that way we can all see it.

melanie said...

He he, funny!

A while ago I asked you to draw my friend aimee walking a pug with justin timberlake seeing her on the street and falling in love with her... please please do it!

Anonymous said...


Could you draw Joe please? He likes beards, bicycles and baking, oh and he wears glasses.


PetStarr said...

Awesome! But what happened to the picture you said you were drawing me of Jack White and John Mayer eating ice cream together?

Kieran said...

Draw seven nuns on a trampoline balanced across a canyon, with four hairy bikers circling around the edge of the trampoline
The serpents are called Gary, Dave, Pete and Mrs. Hallam.

Alana said...

I can't find your email address to ask you to draw something.

Are you still drawing?

I would like you to draw a picture of what you have been doing for the past 2½ months!

Tracking innit