Thursday, 1 November 2007

Draw some random lady

SG asks: Hello, my best friends birthday is coming up, and i wanted her to have something special, do you think you can draw a picture of her?...,she's tan,she has just a few inches under shoulder length blonde hair short enough so that it curls back on the end...she's got one of those million dollar smiles ya know? she has a smallish straight nose, green hazel eyes( they change to hazel brown, blue, grey ect. according to her outfit. isn't that cool?) she's got a few freckles around her nose, skinny eyebrows with a small freckle right after the end of her left eyebrow...small thin lips and a single roundish chin. Do you think you could draw a pretty good picture of her? if you can thank you! if you don't i understand. could you send me a link to the drawing? thank you so much!

I think you might lurve her SG.

p.s. save the cheerleader


Anonymous said...

Could you draw unicorns? And butterflys? And rainbows? And... shiny things?!
There aren't enough unicorns and other sparkly stuff in the world anyway!

Patrick said...

You did a fairly good impression of Mona Lisas Smile! Good job!

Anonymous said...

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