Monday, 2 June 2008

Hey you lot

People have stopped requesting.
Please request something, go on it doesn't hurt... Why not as a comment on this post.
Doktored dx


Forest Parks said...

Ahhhhhh why??

I never requested because I thought the back log was too long.

Anyway...... I want to write a little post about you on my main blog It would be cool if you could draw a random forest and then I could include it in my post :)

The Minimalist said...

How about a Japanese Goddess. I have one on my site. Perhaps you's like to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Where's my picture of the French punk festival, L'attitude (full of stereotypes, of course)? I vaguely receall requesting it a while ago, or at least thinking about it, and that should be enough.

doktored said...

Ah L'Attitude, you put it on my facebook page. Without being a prude, I do thing posted on here.

Thanks for the requests btw. Random Forest coming up in a second!

Rupert said...

Why not draw a storyboard of yourself winning the bloggy award and then having it taken away due to steroid abuse.

Makinjosh said...

could u draw a picture of a head hunt set in a modern backdrop?

Anonymous said...

You should draw some a guitar playing a human
a big city being attacked by a donut.

Melinda said...

Hey, could you draw a picture of me? But make it where i'm beating up a bunch of really preppy kids.(: I would definitely make my year.
Pretty please.

Tracking innit