Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Only one update this year. Sorry people been busy.
So got the mighty Godmachine to do some work and he inspired me to make this wiggly little number.


Five Star DIve said...

Can you draw...since people like choices right?

Draw the Michelin Man mistaken for a giant marshmallow being roasted by a few goth girls on a camping trip while big foot looks on in horror


draw a Vizsla riding a bicycle in the Tour De France while wearing the king of the mountains jersey

btw this is a really cool site.

Anonymous said...

the singer of Nickelback's head impaled on the neck of a Gibson Flying V guitar?

Pril in oregon

Anonymous said...

The honey monster and the cookie monster having a massive scrap over biscuits in the middle of a supermarket

Rockgeek said...

Draw a Rockgeek

Anonymous said...

Draw office supply animals.

Anonymous said...

First of all, great website idea. I've been scrolling through your art for almost half an hour :)

I see you've haven't updated in a while, but if you could I'd love to see you draw a blond girl screaming at the top of her lungs while riding a flying platypus through the sky.


Anonymous said...

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Peter M Austin said...

Hope you get this.
Can't see a way to email you.

Have proposition with comic book.
Contact email is: peter btinternet dottycom.

Sorry for the shitty cypher, but there's a lot of spam bots trolling blogger.

Please get in touch Re: Comix when you can, so we can discuss this further.


doktored said...

Funny that my email is on the homepage.... Look and ye' shall see..

Sorry I haven't updated this in yonks!!!

Just been busy with work - you can see some of it on

Elmo said...

I can't sleep, but don't want to count sheep. Would you mind drawing an automaton army on a famous hill in North London consisting of female replicants with thick, painted-on eyebrows, dyed hair (your choice) and the odd piercing and tat, wearing woolly hats and over-sized vests that show their brassieres? Oh...and can you make them all have massive chins? Cheers!!

(sorry, I know the chin request is a bit jumping on the current fashion bandwagon)

Tracking innit