Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Draw Janis Joplin

Dan said: Please draw Janis Joplin.

Here she is in glorious monochrome. So how do people screenprint then? Maybe I could make screenprints. edit: The previous piccie would work well.


Bill Hood said...

While you can draw just about anything for your own pleasure and even show it to others, you cannot use the likeness of another person to make prints for gain. Even if you give them away you would still be benefiting from the exposure that might come from the gifts.

You should consult with a Patent Attorney specializing in Copyright Law before reproducing images of likenesses that you have no right to use.

Just a thought.

Bill Hood
Screenprinting Consultant

doktored said...

I didn't mean a bloody screenprint of boring old janis joplin. I mean more in general like this guy. http://www.michaelmichaelmotorcycle.com

Also, in the UK copyright law works differently. You don't own your own likeness in the UK I am pretty sure.

Bill Hood said...

The UK adheres to International Copyright, plus if the image is of a U. S. Citizen or the rights are owned by a U. S. Citizen, you can be sued for violation of rights in the U. S., no matter where you live.

Since the U. S. and U. K. have agreed to honor each others rights, this makes you liable for the applicable laws.

Just a thought,

Bill Hood
Screenprinting Consultant

doktored said...

Anyone want to request a picture?

nat said...

I like it. Nice one dude.

Salix Tree said...

oh, that is way cool! I was a big fan of Janis back in the day. Great drawing.
I wouldn't listen to that consultant guy. You can use your own artwork in any manner you like.
..you can draw me a radish if you like. :-)

Anonymous said...

yes! thanks man!


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