Thursday, 1 May 2008

Draw a Witch

Katy asks: Can you draw a witch riding a spoon through a storm of frogs?

Yes I can, can you make more ponds in north London? It seems our frog to walk around ratio has really gone down, having said that I have a skinny fox walking around my garden. I wonder if it likes Beef?


Forest said...

Absolutely brilliant again :)

I really do wonder where people get their inspiration for telling youwhat to draw!

Paopidoodles said...

this is sooo cool! nice drawing! :D

i want to request a drawing, but i get so blocked, so i'll just watch others' requests get drawn! :)

Lori said...

Can you draw... A witch that's half witch and half cookie? Like the left half witch and right half cookie? I can't imagine how it would look! :)

Tracking innit