Thursday, 10 April 2008

Draw another Sexy Pirate

Meredith asks: I just saw your "sexy pirate" drawing- posted in January- and it I LOVE it! She is sexy indeed! I live on the beach in NC, and love pirates, but there is a serious shortage of sexy ones. Can you draw me another sexy pirate, but one that I could display in my classroom (I'm a high school teacher)? This would mean no gun, and maybe a mini-skirt instead of the panties. I want it to be sexy, but I'm afraid it can't be too scandalous. As I said, I'm a high school teacher and coach; our mascot is a pirate, but all the images we use are of ugly, burly, tired male pirates. I want a HOT, girly pirate! (Only if you fancy drawing it of course). AAaaargh!

Well Meredith only asked me a year ago. Guess a year is a lot slower when you are a oldish git. But the new felt tip pens look nice don't they. That reminds me someone else wanted a pirate and cheerleader picture. What am I ? A pirate factory

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