Saturday, 26 April 2008

Can you draw Teen Wolf and Mr T

Tom asks: Please can you draw a picture of Teenwolf surfing on top of the A-Team van with B.A. driving while something explodes in the background?

The easiest way to cheer up the morning commute.


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Art Boss said...

Can you draw that stupid hippy tent at Latitude within the scene of The Empire Strikes Back - the scene when, just after the Imperial probe droid locates the Rebel base on Hoth, Vader orders an attack while the Rebels prepare to evacuate and disperse.

The scene will be in the trenches when the AT AT's are attacking the this case the rebels in the trenches will be the happy hippy's in the hippy tent fighting holding ground against the evil AT AT's.

The tent will be the centre of good vs evil.

a sexy red hed with a tongue that droops past her jugs into her toes and back again.

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