Saturday, 26 April 2008

Draw a Cthulhu Cultie

José asks: Could you please draw my girlfriend wearing druidic clothes and sacrifying > me to Cuthulhu in an irish forest, while she smyling says: ¡Ireland Rocks! Thank you very much, nice web :-)

Lord I hope I don't wake up with a supporter of the old ones. Although if it had to be any old one cultie, Yog Soggoth (Aka the The Lurker at the Threshold) was always my favourite.


Anonymous said...

Sinyster, I love it. Thank You, good work :-)

Rupert said...

Agreed - you should draw more, particularly if you're taking the time to etch out ideas which the less creative members of society (i.e. me) cannot produce ourselves.
In keeping with the Lovecraftian theme, I'd like to see the timeless beasties of R'lyeh taking part in a race around the tomb of Cthulu. And dancing girls . . . gotta have them.

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